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Solo Expiations:

·  Manipulated memories, online exhibition as a part of Journeys Festival 2020   Sep 2020

·  Reminiscent, Milton Keynes Central library, Milton Keynes, UK                      June 2018

·  Selected Paintings and Drawings, Art Central Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK       April 2017


Selected Public Organisations, Presentations and Art Exhibitions:

  • Woolwich contemporary print fair, Royal Arsenal, London, November 2020

  • "City as a Cemetery", Borjass dialogue-based project, Isoo Contemporary Art Space, Iran, November 2020

  • Shape Shift Exhibition, Through This Lens Gallery in Durham, North Carolina, USA, August 2020

  • Training Montage, Pineapple black Gallery, Middlesbrough, March 2019

  • Group Exhibition (The Female Gaze), Theatre Deli London, London, March  2019

  • Solo Exhibition, Milton Keynes Central library, Milton Keynes, UK, June 2018

  • Group Exhibition (With My Roots), Asia House, London, UK, Jun.- Jul. 2018

  • Group Exhibition, KHP Ateliers, Düsseldorf, Germany, Feb. – Mar. 2018

  • Group Exhibition (MK Calling 2017), MK Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK, Apr. – May 2017

  • Solo Exhibition, Paintings and Drawings, Art Central Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK, Apr. 2017

  • Group Exhibition, Mixed media, Transformation (An exhibition on contemporary arts and textiles), Cornerstone Gallery, Milton Keynes, UK, Sep. 2016

  • Group Exhibition, Acrylic, Art Central Gallery, Milton Keynes, UKSep. 2016

  • Group Exhibition, Mixed media (6th Annual of Iranian Contemporary art), Niavaran Cultural Centre, Tehran, Iran, Apr. 2016

  • Group Exhibition, Mixed Media (This Forever Together We Raised Some Hell), occupy Space Gallery, Limerick, IrelandNov. 2015

  • Group Exhibition, Mixed Media, Galway Fringe festival, Galway, IrelandJuly 2014

  • Limerick Postgraduate Research Conference Poster presentation (Sourcing the Historical Lineage of the Seventeenth Century paintings at Chihil Sutun in Iran: A Gendered Analysis)2014

  • Group Exhibition, Installation/Wet Exhibition, Hive Emerging Artist, Waterford, IrelandFeb. 2014

  • Group Exhibition, Mixed Media/ Intercultural Winter Arts Exhibition, CFCP, Dublin, IrelandDec. 2013

  • Group Exhibition, Installation (4th annual of Iranian contemporary art), Tehran, IranNov. 2013

  • Group Exhibition, Painting/Hive Artist Studios, Waterford IrelandMay 2012

  • Group Exhibition, Painting/Art Expo Exhibition, Tehran, IranApr. 2012

  • Group Exhibition, Portrait/CEAD Student Exhibition, Dublin, IrelandJul. 2010

  • Solo Exhibition, Nature & Portrait Painting by Oil on Canvas, IranJan. 2009

  • Group Exhibition, Nature painting by Oil on Canvas (In the Memory of Master Termeh-Chi), Mashhad, Iran, Mar. 2007

  • Group Exhibition, Nature painting by Oil on Canvas, Mashhad, IranAug. 2006 

Awards and Publications:

  • EAST-WEST ART AND THE SOUL OF EXPATRIATE WOMEN, an interview with Leslie Tate Oct 2020

  • The Hand Magazine, Issue 28, May 2020

  • Full Blede, Issue eight : The Interpenetrate, April 2019

  • The Hand Magazine, Issue 24, April 2019

  • Unootha Magazine, Resolutions Issue 04, Feb 2019

  • Poly Voices, Third issue of Lung Project magazine,            

  • Finalist as Top Five Artists (out of 200) for Future Iran, The Behnam Bakhtiar Award by Foundation Behnam Bakhtiar, France, Nov 2017

  • Artwork published in With My Roots 2018 catalogue, Capital Art London, London, UK, June 2018

  • Artwork published in Iran Avant Garde catalogue, KHP Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany, Mar 2018

  • Artwork published in book: “The 6th Annual of Persbook Contemporary Arts”, Nazar Publisher, Tehran, Iran, Dec 2014

  • Selected artist for the Rose of Tralee Portrait Event, Limerick, Ireland

  • Artwork published in book: “The Social Network Art Competition (SNAK): Top 150 Artists”, Art People Gallery Publisher, San Francisco, USA, 2012

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